Thursday, 29 April 2010

My mum is back from the States and look what she brought with her! I ordered it from Hawthorne Threads and had it delivered to my cousin. It's soooo delicious! Look at the combinations...


I don't want to cut this!

Reminds me of sweeties!

Unfortunately I had to leave them at mums as we are moving out in 6 wks, to stay with her whilst the house is being done. It was sad leaving them but I'm not planning on using them until my swaps have been done! I'm so excited about them though. So pretty!
I've been hard at work at a couple of swaps but I have also had to make the birthday cake! I made the error of giving Liam a muffin before bedtime (in my defence, he never eats anything I make!) and he scoffed it all! He then screamed for more- oh dear. He has my appetite!
Just heard that it is supposed to rain on Saturday- oh no!! Our house is the ugliest thing ever and I don't really want people to be here! We were going to get out all the chairs and toys and sit in the garden. I wonder if they mind squeezing into the garage...


  1. lovely materials, what do you plan for them? x

  2. Hiya honey, can you send me your address - my cake swap parcel is nearly ready to send!

    Phew that came around quickly! Just found a fab cake recipe!