Friday, 18 June 2010

My last night in the 70's time machine

Well the day has arrived at last. Everything is packed for the holiday and the house is almost empty off everything we own.
We've taken stuff to mums (a LOT of stuff), Ricky's Godfather and parents have a few bits, we've auctioned a few items, sold our sofa, and have boxed stuff up and put in a corner of the front room in the hope that we have dainty fingered builders. We go away tomorrow, the builders come in at some point next week and then it all begins...
I hope it all goes smoothly but these things never do so we have to be prepared. After much stressing about getting the right building control permissions in place I have told Ricky that it is down to him and the builder. I am taking a back seat until its time to paint.

I can't say that I will miss the house. Not as it stands, anyway. We have zero storage space, the bathroom and kitchen floors are grim, the bathroom suite is grimmer and the kitchen units is the grimmer-est. The carpets throughout are just eye wateringly bleugh, the walls are faded and musty and well- you get the picture!

Hurry up August!
In other news (though slightly related) I have received this lovely parcel from Ciara , as part of the Pretty Pockets Swap. It's so, so pretty.

The pockets will be the first thing that I will put up in my new kitchen. It will be perfect! Sorry that the pic is the wrong way round- I can't seem to rotate it! I love all the other bits too. She also made me a ring made with buttons which isn't in the pic - I couldn't find it at the time, but then later realised it was on my finger...
In other news, Liam is still very tantrummy, still a fussy eater but still very cute. He had a little accident at the park a week ago- they have this water park in the middle of the playground. Not the brightest of ideas seeing as you get crazed teenagers who fill up bottles and then chase each other in some kind of mass water fight. The climbing frames and slides were all slippery- not safe at all. Liam got knocked over by a teenager and went flying. He had a bloody nose, split lip and bruise. Poor thing screamed his head off. I was not happy and have contacted the park to see if they could manage the area better. Teenagers should not being in a toddler play area. What happened to a good ol kickabout with a football?
Anyway I am going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the last night in my bad taste house!