Saturday, 3 April 2010

I'm on a roll!

Ok so now I am getting the gist of this, here are the pics of Liam's room. We did it in June last year but I am still so proud of it (and envious, if you saw the state of the rest of the house!) The inspiration came from this CD cover and involved me, Ricky, Ricky's dad, my mum and my brother Navin. Oh and our Swedish friend, Ikea.

Mum made the curtains and I painted the rainbow. Bugsy came from a craft fair in our park. Lamp from Ikea (totally useless as the light is no brighter than a match but it's so funky!)

My brother made the stencils and we painted round it

I sewed a cushion and did the quilt!

I made this quilt and the cushion!

My brother did this, for the door!

This blanket box was left at our house when we moved in so I painted it white and re-covered it. It's now a toybox!
er -why does this look like a hyperlink?!

Tree painted by Daddy!
Lampshade bought at a funky store in Greenwich Market

And finally the chalkboard door! By the time this was taken, I don't think Liam wanted to share his room with us any longer!
We love the end result but boy was it time consuming. We stripped the walls and found a few small cracks. So bought some polyfil. Realised that we aren't very good at that kind of thing so got a plasterer. It took a couple of days to get him to do his thing and let it dry. Then we had to paint. Argh. Paint ceilings. Paint two walls half orange. Let it dry. Second coat. Then do the other two halves green. Dry. Second coat. Do the other walls white. Dry. Second coat.
Do tree. Second coat. Third coat. Stensils, rainbow, clouds. Argh, argh and argh! All with Liam crawling around. It took ages.
The next baby is getting a magnolia room!

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