Monday, 19 April 2010

I want my mummy!

She's stranded in Florida. Ok, so not the worst place to be but she was due back last Thursday and thanks to a big angry volcano, she is waiting to come home. Liam misses her and so do I! She's been told that she is booked onto a flight to Detroit then Amsterdam NEXT Tuesday. I'm not sure if she is booked on a flight from Amsterdam to London or if she then has to make her way from there.

Luckily she is staying with family out there so she doesn't have to fork out on accomodation- that would be a huge expense. And she is retired so no need to take time off (she looks after Liam while I work so Ricky and I are taking a couple of days off) but she is with my aunt who needs to take time off and my cousin who should be playing in his band in a pub in West London as we speak.

I neeeeeed her though! I have a certain little boy's 2nd birthday party next weekend to sort out - which means party bags to make and fill, a cake to bake and decorate, bunting to sew, a house to tidy, food to buy and make...argh!

Florida, give us her back!


  1. sorry to hear she's stuck, its caused so many problems. my friend's parents are stuck in singapore and my friend was meant to be going to florida on sat after planning her holiday and saving for 2 years!
    hope they get back soon xx

  2. Oh no- your poor friend! I hope she gets her money back or is able to rebook. It seems to be on going, doesn't it?!

  3. I hope you get your mum back soon!

    Jude (your latest swap partner!) * )

  4. it really does yes! hope your mum is ok x

  5. Have you gotten your mum back yet? I feel so bad for everyone who has been stranded. Mother nature seems to be angry lately!