Saturday, 3 April 2010

Look what I got!

This was my lovely flower parcel from Claire aka dollydollop. Isn't it pretty? I am not a flowery kinda girl but this was so beautiful and thoughtful! I love it all! The ring is so pretty and perfect for me.

I love the bunting! I wish I was neat enough to make this. I'm going to rope Ricky into planting the herbs and flowers on Monday (I'll bribe him with the promise of lots of lovely meals!) I'm getting the book that Claire got the idea of the softie from! Our garden will look so pretty with the bunting, flowers and the lantern.

The tissues are too good for runny noses so they will just be displayed somewhere! And the lavender cushion is so neat and cute. I'm using the notebook to keep in my handbag as its the perfect size.

Thank you sooo much Claire!

And then I got this....

from Clare aka littlebearstories! The teacosy is going to take pride of place in our new dining room when it is done along with the little knitted red heart (both perfectly knitted) and ladle! I love the candle as well! I'm not sure I will use the cupcake cases- they are far to pretty to stick in the oven at 180 degrees! The pegs are so cute, with little lady bugs on them!

I must apologise- there is a rose candle missing from Claire's picture, and a red bracelet and red magnet from Clare's. A certain 2 foot thief took off with the and I haven't seen them since. He has about 3 hiding places so I will track them down, fear not!

Ok- I am about to hit 'PUBLISH POST' so lets see if it works!

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