Monday, 26 April 2010

Er- where is the sun?

Ok so I shouldn't really complain as April is normally all about the rain but today is miserable!
Anyway, finally mum has arrived back! She is in Ealing at the moment, at her mum's. Then she will come home but I have no idea if she is coming to ours before the party or if we will go to her place. I have so much to do! I want to get some swap parcels sended off, then I have the house to tidy and cake to make and food to buy!
Right, I am aware of the need to put more pics up so here we go!

First up, some 'buys' from a recent car booty trip!

I've no idea what this is- maybe a sarong? Who cares- it's polka dot AND red! Whoo hoo!

This cute set of 6 teacups and saucers cost me £3.50! Floral tableware is not my bag, but I am going to make some pincushions out of these!

Then I found this book:

It's really old but I think the patterns are so cute! 50p again!

Now to see how much fun you can have with a Sunday newspaper. You know the type- the one with all the sections you don't read?

Now to think of the swaps....
I finished the Little and Large Swap yesterday (Liam and I had to make something for a little girl- courtesy of Mr Wilkinsons, we bought something which we/I decorated, then I had to make something for her too. I also made something for her mum and sent them a few extras)
I also finished the Handbag Swap on swap-bot! I'm quite pleased with it and it wasn't that tricky to make!
Another swap-bot swap that I am on is a Cupcake swap. I've picked up a few bits for that one so that can be sent off before the party.
I'm doing a Spingtime Swap- this one is quite hard! What capitulates spring, and can be sent to the States?! All I can think about is foodie type items that will get crushed! I'm making an item but I need some small extras!
The next swap to go is the Good Enough To Eat Swap. I was going to make a felt cupcake pincushion..until I got my partner. She is the Felt Fairy so anything made out of felt by me wouldn't be different enough! Hmmm, thinking cap on there!
Then it's all hands on deck for the following swaps...
Pillow cover
Sewing colour
Fabric addict
Fabric FQ
Some of these are swap-bots, others are from blogs. All sound fun! Once these are out of the way I am going to concentrate on the stuff I want to make for our house. Promise!


  1. Gosh you are going to be swapped out..x
    No sun here either :0(

  2. That lot will keep you well and truly busy! Mum said on the phone tonight that the weather has been lovely?? Love the newspaper :-)

  3. Great pics! How do you find the time for all of the swaps. You are amazing! The tea cups will make great pin cushions!