Friday, 26 February 2010

Happy Friday!!

I'm getting into this posting lark! STILL not uploaded any pics yet...

Ok so last night I was working on my Ravelry secret birthday Santa pressie. I'm quite pleased with it so far (mainly because I am straying away from Scarf Purgatory) but I need to put it together. I've found a charity shop that has a bottomless pit of buttons so I picked up a few for 50p- bargain!

I need to add buttons to a neck-warmer that I knitted, and need to do the i-cord handle on a bag that I have done, and that will be three, non-scarf, knitted projects completed!

I am also knitting a square for a girl on a forum whose baby sadly died a few days after being born. I am quite nervous about this- it's just a dk square but it has sentimental meanings attached so I don't want it to look like a hotchpotch mess.

Liam is having a nap so its a quick lunch for me then on with the knitting!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


I've signed up to do two swaps! One is a flower one (mum, yes, you read right- FLOWER!) and the other is a colour one! I am so excited because I can a) hopefully put a smile on someones face when they get some made by me (all be it slapdash) and b) get something pretty to go in my new house!

Whoo hoo!

In other news- I popped into Aldi to get some veggies and they have yarn!! I have two babies coming up (not my babies!) both of whom are 'Flavour:Unknown:' so I opted for boring white baby yarn. I guess all I can make with it is a blanket at the mo. Baby Number 1 is my brother's best mans baby, due next month so I best get knitting! Baby Number 2 isn't due for another few months so I might get something else for that bambino.

Oh and I also got some black and white fabric from a charity shop. Ssssh- don't tell Mr P! I'd like to make a bag with it- I need to get going on this sewing though!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ok so I have created about a billion blogs but never actually got as far as this! So this is a good start!

I'm going to use this to chart my venture into the murky world of sewing and knitting, and becoming a mummy. I remember my mum sewed and knitted when I was a kid so it seems natural that I should at least give it a go, right?

I have made some things already so will get round to posting those on here soon! Meanwhile, feel free to leave comments!