Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It's lonely here...

I was going to apologise for my lack of substantial posting but I don't really think anyone reads my blog! I know I have a few followers but my blog really has nothing of worth compared to their own and others- my, there are some amazing blogs out there!

I don't want to share the blog with anyone I know for some reason. Maybe one day. They can look at my FB page if they want to know what I am up to! So why am I doing this? I guess it's a way of tracking my progress into the world of handmade, homemade crafting. It's also a little bit catharic, not that I am delving into my innermost feelings!

Anyway so there is my not-an-apology. Now for the fun bits!!

SO I am into this swapping thing, big time! Not the greatest of timing with a broken sewing machine. I took it to the shop to get fixed but we can't really afford it- not without my mum seeing it first. If she can't fix it then we'll get it done at the shop. I have one sewing related swap from Swap Bot coming up so I need to get a working sewing machine for that! I am also doing a handmade Swap to do but that will be handsewn. The other swapbot swaps are a 50gm of scrap fabric and a profile swap.

I'm also in...
Em's Shabby Shack's -Good Enough To Eat Swap
Modified Mix- Accent Pillow Swap
Clasheen- Spring Swap (on Flickr)
Crafty Helen- Fabric Addict Swap
I'm really looking forward to them! I have some ideas for the pillow swap but I'll have to see what style my recipient wants before I get into it. And I need that sewing machine!!

In other news... On Saturday we visited Puddle Ducks Quilts in Sevenoaks. I love that shop! For some reason Ricky offered to stay in the car with Liam and let me shop in peace. I don't think that will happen again! I bought...

4 red and white FQs
A scrap bag of Moda fabrics

I LOVE it! It's going to be a garden quilt for us in the summer. I'm going to hand-quilt it somehow but I have three weeks to get it done (in time for Liam's 2nd birthday party!) so I won't be hand-stitching ALL of the owls. I think I might do wavy lines.
The FQs are going to be used for the kitchen/diner. I'm trying to get as many scraps, FQ, charm squares- whatever - that are red and white to make cushion pads for our dining room chairs, a table runner, dishtowels and pot holders. So I'm scouring thrift stores for dresses, shirts, cushions- anything! Once I get my hands on some batteries for the camer I'll show you what I have so far. I'm thinking of picking up dark purples and reds for cushions for our living room too.
But what good is all this without a sewing machine?!


  1. hi sew vanilla, keep on blogging thats what i say, i love catching up on everyone's comings and goings even if they're not craft related, I have to say I'm the same as you though and there are only a small number of people that know me personally that know i have a blog, i do tell people i blog but i just don't give them the name!!!
    I too am in the Good enough to eat swap and must check out the others you mentioned as i loved the last ones.
    love the owl fabric by the way

  2. don't be lonely, i like to read your blog!
    love the owl print! xx

  3. Awww, thank you ladies! Your kind words of encouragement are much appreciated!xxx

  4. Hello! Cute blog! I'm in the pillowswap too. I'm excited about it.

    Can't wait to get our assignments!

  5. Hi vanilla, I am your cupcake partner! My blog is not taking cupcakes at the mo because I broke it!!! My email address is thefeltfairy@aol.com
    I am looking forward to our swap! z