Monday, 8 March 2010

Monday to- do's!

I've not done anything here for a WEEK! Naughty me...

But I have been a little productive at home. I made a cake for mum. It's a pity it was too big for the tin so we had to leave it at home, much to Ricky's delight. Instead I had to get one from Sainsbury's and take it out of the box and stick it in the tin and pretend it was homemade. Unfortunately Sainsbury's don't make messy uneven cakes with icing that drips off the side so she knew straight away!

I also knitted the square for the amazing girl whose baby died shortly after being born. Anastasia was her name and she was beautiful. The square wasn't though so I didn't take a picture. I will post a link to the finished article but I am so annoyed with myself for knitting such a terribly ugly thing.

I've started to knit a baby blanket for my brother's friends. I've made a few mistakes and it's going to take me aaaaages but I'm getting there, slowly. I need to make a start on my swaps this week too. And I need to finish something else I am knitting.

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