Monday, 29 March 2010

Ideal Home in an Ideal World

Well it's been a busy few days! The Ideal Home show was manic but not as good as years gone by. Things were very, very expensive! We dreamt though. 3D TV's where the fishes swim towards you, hot tubs in the garden with it's own entertainment system, huge handmade wooden carved bedframes....

We did walk away with a few bargains...some oven cleaner (we're such rocknrollas!) and ....wait for it....chamois leathers! Ok so not entirely exciting but the demo's were really, really good! We also bought some huge beanbags (one each and a kids one for youknowwho) that are going to be delivered in a few weeks. I wanted to wait for the renovations to be finished but Big Kid Ricky wants it now! I also bought some mags which I promptly left behind but my aunt went back yesterday and picked some up for me.

The next day we left Liam with mum and drove up to Manchester for a wedding. I knitted one Swap Item on the way there (almost finished- I have it with me at work today to almost finish up in my lunch break) and did some sewing of another item on my way back. Then last night, whilst my eyes were fighting gravity I almost finished another item. Tonight I am going to top and tail some bits and tomorrow night I will get the sewing machine out for my last final bits!

I was talking to Ricky about this - although everything I make is a mess as I am not good at sewing or knitting at all, I have put a lot of effort and thought into it all. It's so much nicer and more fun doing swaps than going out and buying shop vouchers for peoples birthdays. I know that my swap partners will appreciate the effort that has gone into it. It really is a feel good thing cos I have totally forgotten that this is a swap- ie, that I am also getting something in return! The thought of that makes things even more exciting!!

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