Friday, 19 March 2010

To do!

I've not been on here much as I've been busy with knitting.

I finished the square for the group knitting baby blanket. It sort of got lost in the post but eventually found its way there (insufficient postage-cry!). I've also sent on my secret birthday knit which I think she liked. I'll post a pic (yeah right) soon but it was a hot water bottle cozy with Debbie Bliss chunky cashmerino yarn. Soooo snuggly!

Anyway I am getting on with my colour and flower swaps. Basically I have to send someone five items of their favourite colour, and someone else 5 items flower related. Of the flower items, one has to be flower seeds, another has to be handmade and another has to be ..oh dear, mind has gone blank! Oh that's it- the other has to be a FQ of flowery fabric, and they must also receive a lavender sachet. I've got the seeds and the fabric sorted, and have started on one other item. I need to get on with the rest tonight, then work on the colour swap on Sunday.

I've finished knitting a puff. "A puff" I hear you say- "what's a puff?". Well, it's this All I need to do is stuff it and sew it! It's for my friends who have just bought a house. It's smaller than I thought it would be but it will do for when she needs to put her feet up from her long trek home from the train station!

After the weekend I am going to start and hopefully finish a baby blanket. I couldn't find a pattern so I am going to wing it! I think it will be something like cast on 60 st with aran. K5, yo, k2 slsk or something. Is slsk even a knitting abbrieviation? Anyway we have a long old car journey up to Manchester on Friday for a wedding and we're leaving Liam with mum so it's a good opportunity to knit. I won't be knitting on my way home- I'll be feeling sick with too much weekend alcohol.

So that leads us onto April folks! If I don't type this I fear I won't do this is my April to do list!

Make 5 tote bags
Make 5 Jordy bags (I have a lot of fabric in the garage and we are fingers crossed touch wood hopefully getting huuuuuuuuuuuge renovations done to the house so I need to declutter!)
Start on this (hip to be square blanket)
A jumper for Liam (though I am resigned to this not working out at all)

I also want to learn crocheting. I am mad.


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  1. Hi
    Did you get my email??
    I'm practically ready to post your flower swap...can you let me have your address xxx