Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Weekly update!

Well I've been busy-ish! Can't remember if I told you but the square I was knitting for the baby blanket went missing in the post? Well the girl who I had sent to now has it (insufficient postage!) so it's being put together as we speak.

I also made the puff for my friend- it ended up being squishy but she loves it and is using it as a big mother of a cushion! Liam liked it too so it's definitely on my list for next month.

I'm working my way through my swap to-do's. Obviously I can't go into too much detail yet but I'm hoping to have it all done by a week today- well, it has to go in the post then so it HAS to be done by then!!

Off to the Ideal Home Show this week to get some homey ideas and inspiration. I'm so excited! We've kind of decided on-
kitchen and tiles (red and white)
bedroom furniture (Ikea) (though we saw a bedstead that we love. Our divan is boring but perfectly ok so in a dilemma...!)
bedroom wallpaper (black and silver)
bathroom suite and tiles (white suite, green tiles)
dining room furniture (Ikea)
hallway style (brilliant white and bright coloured photo frames and lightshades

Woooo hoooo!

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