Monday, 24 May 2010

Out and about

What a lovely weekend we had! Unfortunately Ricky had to work but he was back early on Saturday so we went here.

It's almost on our doorstop and it is fab! It's so big- that's the main reason why I love it. We have a great park but the play area is often over taken by the teenagers. I don't mind them being there, I just wish they wouldn't go on the toddler bits. They have swings, a zip wire, water fountain things, a trampoline and a huge climbing frame so what is the attraction with the pirate ship or the tiny roundabout thing? It means the other poor toddlers don’t get a look in. Oh and whilst I am having a crazy rant, why is it so hard to look after your toddlers at the park? I have caught two toddlers as they try to jump off places that they shouldn’t be jumping off and no parent in sight. I’m all for letting your kids explore and discover but when they are two and trying to climb the monkey bars- it’s just not on.

And off my soapbox!

Well, Liam loves Hall Place so much, he decided to move in!

He’s decided to chase the locals away though

I love this pic of my boys….

I can't get a look in!

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