Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My latest goodies

I recently took part in Clasheen's Spring Swap and was paired up with the talented Jude who sent me this parcel

The brooch is on my jacket now and I can't wait to use the deckchair fabric for something! The scarf is amazingly beautiful and soft- its a nuno felt scarf and I have never seen anything like it so that's what makes it all the more special.

Unfortunately my parcel was damaged in the post. I am so, so upset. I'm no amazing seamstress at all but I put a lot of effort into it and the main part (an owl and tree and leaves appliqued onto a cushion cover) wasn't in the parcel. So sorry Jude- I feel awful.
My next swap parcel was from Annie, the Felt Fairy which was part of Em's Swap- Good Enough to Eat. She made me two knitted cupcakes (Liam ran off with one)- they are so cute and perfectly knitted! I could never do anything like that! And I love the colours- they remind me of cakes that I can only wish of making!!
I made her this apron which I am so proud of! I might make one for myself. I also sent her some smelly (in the nicest sense) bath stuff, a cupcake book, a bar of chocolate and something else -mummy brain has taken over!
My last two swaps are from Swap Bot and the Secret Post Club- the first is a cupcake swap and I got this Ok so it's... cupcake fabric, cupcake lip balm, ribbon, a stuffie,buttons, stamps, pen, a grow your own cupcake (cute!), notebook and card! All so immensly lovely!!!
This was a general swap- the whole idea of the Secret Post Club is to send something- anything. My parcel was sent by Younger and Younger and she couldn't have picked a cuter package
My camera isn't great so apologies for the really shiny picture! It's a red polka dot windmill (which Liam finds HILARIOUS) and a HUGE polkadot bag made from recycled glass bottles. Except its not a glass bag. Eh? Who cares- its cute and so hand for us when we go shopping!
I love a good swap!

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  1. Nice swap goodies! love the apron you made, clever you.
    I also liked that deckchair fabric, that would look really good on a deckchair.
    Have a great week..Em xx