Friday, 28 May 2010

Calling all my swap partners!

Ladies I am so sorry! I mean to post everything yesterday but Liam has been so very testing lately. He woke up really early and I was hoping I could put him down for a morning nap in his cot so I could be naughty and sneek one in too. I am in desperate need of one. Unfortunately he didn't go down until 1pm, then I had a lady come round to pick up our corner unit so we never made it out.

I packed them all up and left them by the door intending to grab them on my way out to work this morning but I was treated to another early morning call. Poor Ricky has been run ragged at work so I got up again and was in a daze when I finally left so forgot the packages by the door.

Part of me feels so guilty for being tired and antsy. Ricky helps loads and my mum is an angel but I feel like my early morning wake up calls are driving me insane. But the main reason for my rattyness is that Liam is just not eating. He's always been a fussy eater and will happily eat fruit, bread and yogurt but nothing else. He'll kip up a fuss and 'tell' me (no words still but lots of noise!) that he wants food, act all impatient in the kitchen whilst I make him food, then shake his head vehemently and push the food away. Then he'll point to the kitchen and when I let him out of his chair, he'll run and grab the grapes. I am forever in the kitchen hiding food, making food and pulling my hair out. Oh, and eating the food that he doesn't eat- cos I hate waste. And I love food.

But I have a plan. Two plans, in fact. But my mum has to agree to it otherwise it won't work (she looks after him most days whilst I work apart from one Friday and one Monday a month when he is with Daddy, aka Best Friend).
Plan 1- is to get Liam involved in the food prep. Show him what I am doing, get him to spread the butter on the bread or mix the muffin batter.
Plan 2- if he doesn't eat his food, he won't eat until the next meal. He isn't a baby anymore- he is a toddler and he needs to learn. No subsitutes. So I'm making a weekly menu and I (and he) will stick to it.

Ok so this won't solve the sleep problem but hopefully he'll be happier and no more constant running to the kitchen. Then he'll have to find things to do, instead of the kitchen relay- like play with his toys and sit down with some paints. Oh and maybe he'll learn how to bake me cakes...

Girls- packages in post either tomorrow or by next Wednesday. Promise!



  1. No problem (:
    Can you please email me your address? Im still waiting on this thing in the post, but as soon as it arrived ill be ready to post!

  2. Don't panic, I haven't posted yours yet and won't until Tuesday as I want to use the shop mannequin for a photo. My mum once said to me (as my boy was fussy when he was little) just let him have what he is craving as it is healthy and he will soon get sick of it and try something least he is eating something, lots of kids will only eat junk. I did that and stopped worrying about it and took all the pressure of mealtimes and he grew out of it and now eats more than me and my husband put together! Not getting a good nights sleep always makes me cranky and ratty, they grow out of that too :-)